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Monday, 08 April 2019 10:58

April, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

When we last saw Mary, she was at Cana telling us: “Do whatever he tells you.” Jesus would begin his ministry. In our own lives at this moment we are in Lent. Jesus has finished his ministry and approaches his suffering, death and resurrection. Where is Mary? There she is. Look around. Mary is right with Jesus. She follows him everywhere. She is the first and best disciple. The most loyal and loving. She did not deny him or run away, but we don’t hear a word from her. I wonder what she was thinking when things went so wrong for her son? Sometimes that happens to us too. Things look so dark. We must be loyal and loving too and wait for the resurrection. Mary is with Jesus at the foot of the Cross, at his burial, at his resurrection, his ascension, and finally in the upper room waiting for the Spirit. Her advice to us: follow him. What have you done for Lent so far? Given up anything? Prayed a little more? Given extra to those who don’t have? All good things, but what about coming to the Shrine for a weekday Mass? How about buying a Lenten daily reading book in the gift shop to give you and your family a Lenten thought for the day? How about buying a religious Easter gift to give to someone? How about remembering that Easter is Christ rising? What did Mary do? She followed her son.


Come and visit us at the Shrine. The schedule for Holy Week is Tuesday, April 16, Mass 7:00 AM, Holy Thursday, April 18, Mass 7:00 PM, Good Friday Services April 19 2:00 PM and Holy Saturday, April 20 Mass 7:30 PM. Mary will be here as usual. We hope that you can too. Happy Easter. Please attend our Pasta Dinner on Thursday, April 25. The outdoor shrine season begins Sunday, May 5th.


In the Trinity,

Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity

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